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What style of music do you play?

My style doesn’t quite fit into any box (does anyone’s?), but basically I make electronic pop music. I often use house beats and I create my own samples using instruments from places like China or Africa. So my style sounds electro but also a little other-worldy.

Where can I listen to it?

I mostly upload my stuff to Soundcloud. At the moment though, most of my music can only be heard live.

What’s your live show like?

I do a one-woman show. I record loops live on stage on a bunch of little gadgets, sing, rap and play other instruments live. In fact it’s a little bit like DJ-ing and live producing, because I remix my own material on the fly and do things quite differently to the studio recordings. I also have a tendency to lose myself and dance like there’s no tomorrow!

Who do you sound like?

I’ve been compared to a couple of artists who I really respect, the most common being M.I.A, Bat For Lashes and Die Antwoord.

Where do you produce and record?

In the studio I built myself in my apartment. It’s my little piece of heaven on Earth where I spend most of my time drinking bucket loads of tea and muttering to myself as I obsess over beats and sounds or write lyrics.

When’s your next show?

I keep my Facebook- and event page updated with all my concert dates. Feel free to come dance with me while I whip up some beats. Also, don’t forget to say hello and grab some beers with me afterwards!