One woman, so many sounds!

In neon colours and wild make-up Jessiquoi arrives on stage with a quirky wooden cart and blinking gadgets. Hailing from Australia and now based in Bern, Switzerland, Jessiquoi is a producer and looping artist who uses elements of electronic and pop music together with self-sampled Asian instruments such as the Chinese fiddle ‘erhu’ or harp ‘guzheng’ to create a live synth-pop, retro-future performance with all original material. Like a live DJ, but not a DJ at all. Jessiquoi loops all her beats on the fly and accompanies them with her own dance and alluring vocals.


  1. The Addict 0:36
  2. The Erupter 0:34
  3. The Ice Queen 0:33
  4. The Rebel 0:29


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